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Visual CADD™ v5 Update ReadMe


Although this page only lists the 5.0.6 fixes and features, the Update README file on your computer contains a complete list of bug fixes and new features from all the various patches and updates since the initial release of version 5.0 in October 2004.

A new version of that file is installed to your Visual CADD™ v5 folder whenever a new update is released.  The file name is vcadd5_update_ReadMe.txt and the default path to the folder is C:\Program Files\TriTools Partners\Visual CADD 5.  Use Notepad or another text editor to open the file.

Visual CADD™ v5.0.6 patch Release ( & 138)

The original release had a bug that caused the install to fail on some Win9x systems (Win2000, XP, and Vista installed correctly).  The version corrected the Win9x problem.  Other than the install difference, the content of the two patches is identical.  There is no need to install .138 on Win2000/XP/Vista systems, however doing so will have no adverse affect.


  • Added a fix for a memory conflict bug that is occasionaly reported and results in an error message of "Dll Load Error" and failure of Visual CADD™ to launch.
  • Fixed a problem for arrowhead alignment on radial dimensions when the dimension text is outside the radius, a bug introduced in v5.0.5.
  • Fixed problem where the system icon, minimize, maximize and close buttons would vanish from the menu if the default menu was reloaded.
  • Fixed a problem where some menu items would not gray properly.
  • Fixed a rare crash after some dialogs were closed.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when using Select Adjoining (SJ) on a complex set of lines.
  • Fixed a rare problem where the Selection ribalog might not restart a command.
  • Added a fix for the accuracy of hatch lines. This bug caused inaccurate or erroneous hatches when the hatch was located far from the origin, e.g., on the order of a million inches.
  • Ensured that tablet mode is off if there is no digitizer.
  • Changed menu formatting for compatibility with Windows Vista.
  • Changed sounds registry entries for compatibility with Windows Vista.

DWG Conversion

  • Fixed a problem with incorrect scaling on DWG export of Curves and Bezier.
  • Fixed bugs on dimension part colors for DWG/DXF export.
  • Fixed bugs on default color mapping for DWG/DXF import/export.