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Visual CADD™ Dimensions

Dimension Properties

Dimensions, together with text and leaders, support annotation of drawings to add descriptive information and details.  Visual CADD™ dimensions are dynamic in the sense that the dimension's textual information reflects the actual dimension of the object itself.  Thus, if a dimension object is re-sized or modified, its textual dimension will change accordingly and remain accurate.

  • linear, angular, radial, diameter, and ordinate dimensions
  • dimension text has all the same text properties as text
  • options for horizontal and vertical alignment of dimension text within the dimension
  • optional overwrite, prefix, or suffix of additional text
  • four options for dimension tolerances, optionally no tolerance
  • inclusion of distance and/or angles within the same dimension, e.g., useful for properties lines
  • dimension extension lines and offsets, optionally no extensions
  • dimension alignment options on placement
  • seven different arrowheads with adjustable sizes, optionally no arrowhead
  • optional arrow flip to outside the dimension
  • standard Visual CADD™ object properties of layer, color, line type, and line width individually for each of the line, arrowheads, text, and extensions
  • distance format of feet, inches, feet-inches, miles, millimeters, centimeters, and meters with decimal place or fractional value options
  • optional secondary dimension units
  • angle format of degrees, degrees-minutes, degrees-minutes-second, radians, grads, and surveyor bearings

Examples of some dimension properties

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