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Fence Trim is a great tool that lets you draw an irregular polygon fence around an object(s) and then break other objects to the fence.  It is just a "wrapper" around two Visual CADD™ tools - Irregular Polygon (IP) and Trim Multiple (TM).  But it saves you the hassle of calling up 2 separate tools, and you don't have to erase the polygon border - it disappears when Fence Trim completes.  In the example in Figure 1 we show a Leader with several lines and bezier curves crossing it.  Select the curves and lines, start Fence Trim, and begin drawing a polygon around the leader.

Figure 1

In Figure 2, the fence has been drawn around the leader, you've done a Pen Up to complete the fence, and you're now prompted whether you want the objects trimmed to the outside or inside of the polygon fence (the illustration shows objects outside).

Figure 2

In Figure 3 the command has been completed - you click the left mouse button once you've decided whether to trim outside or inside, the polygon disappears, and the results are as shown below:

Figure 3

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