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Visual CADD™ Modify Tools

Drawing Modify Tools

Visual CADD™ supports a wide variety of tools to modify, edit, or otherwise revise previously placed drawing objects.  These modify tools allow a drawing to be quickly and easily revised as a result of design changes or error corrections without the need to completely erase and re-draw objects.

  • general - erase, cut, copy, paste, paste object, undo, redo, clear drawing
  • properties - change (layer, color, line type, line width), edit (specific object properties, such text height, hatch pattern, arrowheads, etc.)
  • basic geometry - move, rotate, scale, fit scale, skew, align, mirror
  • advanced geometry - offset, divide, fillet, chamfer, move point, stretch, break, trim, extend
  • copies - linear, radial, array, single, multiple
  • collections - join, explode, group, ungroup, create symbol
  • customized - limitless variety of custom add-on tools developed by the user or third parties using scripts, macros, Application Programming Interface(API), or ActiveX/COM

Examples of some drawing modify tools - Before and After

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