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Tool Kit v5 Download

You can download and install the v5 toolkit for free.  This toolkit will not work with earlier versions of VCADD or the current version 6. Visual CADD™ v6 has its own toolkit version.

The TriTools toolkit adds about 45 additional commands to Visual CADD™. Some offer variations on an existing VCADD command or routine; others are completely new tools. Whether you use all of them or only a few, they will help you be more productive in your day to day work.

Please read the info below about a required extra step to set up the toolkit menus:

Toolkit EXE

Install Instructions

  • Download and save to your desktop or a folder on your computer.
  • Unzip the file if you chose the ZIP file option.
  • Double-click the EXE file to start the install procedure.
  • Follow the prompts on the screen.
  • There is a post install step that is required to automatically add the toolkit commands to your menu(s).  Open Visual CADD™ v5 after the toolkit install is complete and type WIZ to run the setup wizard.


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