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Tool Kit Features


Vector Font Editing

  • Edit Vector Font files (vcf extension) directly in a Visual CADD™ drawing.  For example, you can modify the spacing of a character, create custom characters, or even design a new font from scratch.

Drawing Tools

  • Quickly change Ortho Angle by typing a 2 letter command for OrthoMatch (OT) and picking an angle to match.  The angle match can be a line, arc, text, dim, leader, symbol - even a reference frame.  This is a nested command so you can change the angle "on the fly", even after you have started another command.
  • A Persistent Single Line (LI) tool, so that if you are working in Selection Tool or Continuous Line mode, you can draw any number of single lines and then return to your default tool with a Pen Up.  There are also persistent tools for Continuous Lines and Linear Dimensions.
  • A GCADD Line (LN) tool, that works exactly like the VCADD Continuous Line tool, with an important difference: you can "Undo" individual line segments with our tool after you have placed it - an undo in VCADD with Continuous Line erases the whole thing.
  • A New Double Line (DN) tool that offers an alternate to VCADD's double line tool.  With ours you can "Undo" individual line segments after you've finished the command - an undo in VCADD with Double Line erases the whole thing.  And the VCADD Double Line tool does not let you "Undo Vertex" - erase the last line segment(s) while drawing.  Our double line does.  The VCADD tool allows you to fill the double line and autofillet it - ours does not.

Editing Tools

  • Break Multiple lines.  We offer two break tools: FenceTrim (NT) lets you draw a "fence" around an entity and break objects to the fence.  BreakTo (BT) breaks one or several entities to two objects you pick as a cutting edge; neither the break lines or the cutting edges need to be perpendicular to each other (this is a limitation with Break and MultiBreak in Visual CADD™).
  • Copy and Rotate an object(s) with one 2L command - no need to copy it and then reselect the object and start a separate command to rotate it.
  • Move and Rotate an object(s) with one 2L command - no need to move it and then reselect the object and start a separate command to rotate it.
  • JoinCorner (JC) lets you trim two lines to a common intersection with two mouse clicks instead of the four required using the VCADD Trim command.  Lines can be crossing each other and extended beyond, or short of each other and not touching.  Each line can be 90 degrees perpendicular or any other angle.

Text & Leader Tools

  • Type text right onto your screen with our RealText (RT) tool.  It is a slight variation from the Text Line tool in v6.  If you select an existing text line and type RT, you can edit the text either right on the screen or in a custom dialog box which takes up a lot less screen "real estate" than the Visual CADD™ text editor dialog.
  • Type leader text right onto your screen with our RealLeader (RL) tool.  It works just a bit differently than the VCADD Leader tool.  You can also select an existing leader, type RL, and edit the leader text either onscreen or in a custom dialog.
  • A Leader Flip (LF) tool lets you flip the text and shoulder of leaders that have already been placed in a drawing.
  • Justify text to Left, Center or Right with a 2L command before placement.

Offset Tools

  • Assign Leaders, Hatches, Fills, and Points to a specific layer, or Offset them from your current layer by any number you choose (within the 1024 layers available in Visual CADD™).
  • Assign properties to some of these entities.  For example, you can assign a color and/or a linewidth to a RealLeader or Point so that these objects will always be placed with these properties.

Dimension Display Toggles

  • Toggle on and off the display of each part of a dimension - extensions, arrows, text and dim lines.  These toolkit commands let you toggle the dimension display of any part of a dimension before or after it is placed.  In other words, you can set the display prior to placement, or edit the display of a dimension already in the drawing.

Bearing Tools

  • These tools allow you to quickly draw property maps such as site and plot plans.  They started life as toolkit commands, migrated to Visual CADD™, and have been removed in version 6 and added back to the toolkit as legacy commands.  Most all of the Bearings functionality and settings are now included in Visual CADD™ v6, and are more powerful than these commands.  See the toolkit Help file for more information.

Help File

  • A detailed Help file documenting each tool.  There is a section on how to customize Visual CADD™ to fully use our tools - a primer on Custom Commands, how to change 2L shortcuts, and how to add any of our commands to your menus and toolbars.