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Tool Kit for Visual CADD™ v6

The TriTools toolkit adds about 45 additional commands to Visual CADD™ v6.  Some offer variations on an existing Visual CADD™ command or routine; others are completely new tools.  Whether you use all of them or only a few, they will help you be more productive in your day to day work.

We introduced the first toolkit many years ago; long before we took over ownership of Visual CADD™.  The original idea was simple: no CADD program has all the tools to satisfy everyone.  There were features that were not part of Visual CADD™ that we kept wishing for, so we wrote some code and added them.

Some of you have asked why we did not just add all the toolkit commands directly into Visual CADD™ v6?  Well, we are dedicated to keeping the Visual CADD™ interface mean and lean.  Too many CADD programs get so loaded up on features that it becomes a challenge to find anything.

We have ported some commands into Visual CADD™, and will probably add more in future versions.  But many of the commands offer just a slightly different way of doing something that can already be done in Visual CADD™.  We will leave those in the toolkit and give you the option of using them or not.