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Visual CADD™ v6 Update ReadMe


Although this webpage only lists the 6.0.3 fixes and features, the Update README file installed on your computer will always contain a complete list of bug fixes and new features from this patch and all past and future v6 maintenance updates.

A new version of the file is installed to your Visual CADD™ v6 folder whenever a new update is released.  The file name is vcadd6_update_ReadMe.txt and the default path to the folder is C:\Program Files\TriTools Partners\Visual CADD 6.  Use Notepad or another text editor to open the file.

Visual CADD™ v6.0.3 patch Release (


  • Added VCADD.INI option to allow Windows to set VCADD's memory address


  • Fixed minor issue with error message for addon DLL load failure
  • Fixed ActiveX/COM call GetPDFPresetStruct() which formerly failed to return a complete structure

DWG Conversion

  • Added DWG 2010-2012 support


  • Fixed a Print problem where custom paper sizes may show as squares

File Save/Open

  • Fixed problem where "Save current path" checkbox on file dialogs would not always work