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Visual CADD™ v7 Beta

Welcome to the Visual CADD™ v7 Beta pages.

Current v7 Beta Version

v7.0.4.112 - v7.0.5 Beta 2

Please note Beta releases for the next update are officially not yet the next version until their final release.  Therefore, the Beta for the eventual release of v7.0.5 officially remains a v7.0.4 version, for example, v7.0.4.112 - v7.0.5 Beta 2.

v7 Beta

The v7 Beta Update contains a few bug fixes since the last official version release.  We believe the beta to be a stable version, but it has not been as thoroughly tested as release versions.  You may help us test the next v7 update by installing and using the v7 Beta Update.


You must have the latest version of Visual CADD™ v7 installed, either as a Demo or licensed and activated, in order to update to the latest v7 Beta.  Please download and install the latest Visual CADD™ Update if necessary.  The v7 Beta is available only as an update, not as an installer.  If you encounter major problems with the beta, the update provides a way to easily revert to your last installed version in order to minimize potential disruption to using Visual CADD™ v7.

v7 Beta Download v7 Beta Update - Download the latest v7 Beta Update.

Complete What's New

Whats New What's New - Complete list of What's New, including all features, changes, bug fixes, and API.

Beta Feedback

If you are using the current v7 Beta, please give us feedback on any problem you encounter so that we can try to fix them before release.

email Email TriTools Partners - Email directly to the TriTools Development Team.